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Ammonia Inhalants

  • Quantity Range: 10 inhalants/package.
  • Provides aid and recovery during fainting, dehydration and dizziness.
  • Contains alcohol 32% and ammonia 15%.
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Ammonia Inhalants


If you need to revive someone who may be suffering from fainting or loss of consciousness due to a vasovagal episode - a common form of fainting, our Ammonia Inhalants are just right for you. Ammonia Inhalants are a strong stimulant which is designed to go under the nose and help a person who may be experiencing a fainting episode to recover to consciousness immediately. There are various causes to fainting and it’s always responsible to have your first aid kit or medical cabinet stocked with Ammonia Inhalants. Fainting can because by factors regarding emotional stress, minor or major pain episodes, an unfortunate pooling of blood in and around the leg area due to sudden changes in body position, it can happen when one is experiencing overheating, dehydration, or if they happen to be sweating heavily due to some active duty or in some cases, exhaustion.

A resourceful product to add to your first aid kit, this product is useful for helping others through dehydration, shock, and heart problems that can unfortunately transpire suddenly.


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