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If you are into discussing about our products or exciting offers already, this affiliate program would be the most rewarding as you’ll get paid for doing what you’ve been habitual to.

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Feel free to use our banners on your page and tag us in your posts.


Get paid for every purchase made by customers through your channel of promotion. You spread the word while we handle the back-end.


Total Earnings = 5% x Total Purchases Made by Your Referred Customers

    We have our own advertising space and display ads that are quality tested. You don’t have to spend time creating new ones.


    Our website is loaded with a variety of products that you can use every day to give a refreshing look to your website.


    We reward 5% commission for every sale you make for us. Our quality products make customers happy. A win-win situation for all!



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that is a common platform for thousands of merchants. Here, affiliates find products to promote and in return get paid a handsome commission for their efforts. ShippingSuppliesByMail.com utilizes ShareASale tracking links to track and pay commissions to affiliates on sales generated by them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
  • What is an affiliate program?
    You promote our product links on your website that people click over to land on our website. We pay you a fixed commission for every sale made through those links.
  • Why should I participate?
    We accept applications for free. If you have been appreciating our products and spreading the word already, why not earn from referring? Moreover, being our affiliate, you would provide your followers packaging and shipping products that are a necessity nowadays.
  • Is it affordable to become an affiliate?
    Of course, yes. It is free to join. Moreover, you do nothing but recommend our products in your circles and get paid for it.
  • Is my website appropriate for the affiliate program?
    We welcome all sites except for those that are involved in promoting illegal content. There is no minimum traffic criterion. So we don’t mind if your site is brand new or drives thousands of traffic, we are ready to take you onboard.
  • Am I eligible if my site is not based in the United States?
    Yes, no problem. We pay commission in US dollars. So, as far as you don’t have a problem, we too don’t have any.
  • What is the procedure for signing up?
    It’s really simple. You have to just decide which affiliate network you prefer to join. If you are already a member of any one of the networks, we recommend ShareASale. Click here to apply to our ShareASale program. As soon as you apply here, we will contact you and our affiliation begins.
  • Can I refer myself?
    No. You will not be rewarded a commission if you use the affiliate link to make a purchase for yourself.
  • How often are payments made?
    Usually, affiliates are paid on a monthly basis or as per the terms of the affiliate networks.
  • Does ShippingSuppliesByMail.com create marketing banners for my website?
    Yes. Once you register as an affiliate via our affiliate program, you will have a complete access to our quality banners. We also provide all kind of support needed to add those banners to you website.
  • Does ShippingSuppliesByMail.com offer reporting tools for affiliates?
    Yes. We believe in transparency. You have access to your progress report that has details such as number of impressions, number of clicks, total revenue generated, and much more.
  • How often is the statistics updated at ShippingSuppliesByMail.com?
    Records are updated daily.
  • How do you track purchases made from customers I referred?
    We have installed the ShareASale Tracking Pixel that enable us to track every order with its referrer source and other details like order number, price, quantity. So don’t worry about the tracking of your bonus. Just install the Tracking Pixel provided by ShareASale and get going.