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  1. Making of the Ultimate Leak-Free Trigger Sprayer by Amazon & Reike

    A major challenge to the e-Commerce business was shipping liquids in small-parcel deliveries as the packages tossed in ...
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  2. Packaging Becomes Live with Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality – the next BIG thing in packaging innovation has revolutionized the packaging indus...
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  3. Importance of Accurate Product Labeling for Perishable Items

    Product packages convey a lot about the product and the company. Amongst the variety of details available on the packag...
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  4. What is FMD and Why is It Implemented for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

    What is FMD? Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) is a new EU regulation that aims at minimizing the reach of counterfe...
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  5. Does Your Food Packaging Meet 531FDA?

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes food contact substance as a component of materials that are used ...
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  6. Importance of High Visibility Safety Vests at Construction Sites

    Safety vests are an important component of safety gear and are generally found with construction workers along the road...
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  7. First Aid Burn Care – Do’s and Don’ts for Minor Burns

    Often, there are situations when we get burnt accidently, and that is the time when we truly need the burn care product...
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  8. Know More about Space-Saving Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable poly bags are an intelligent variety of packaging materials that can be re-used several times to use the con...
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  9. How to Apply Carpet & Surface Protection Tapes

    We purchase expensive carpets to cover our floors and beautify our homes. However, when they accumulate dust, or you ac...
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  10. The Benefits of Using Tape Dispensers

    Whether at a warehouse or industry, labor costs contribute to expenses. One of the tasks that involves much time is tap...
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