While shipping has been a routine activity, you can get your creative brains working to step out of the boredom. The idea is to revive your parcels and present something new to your business connections. However, remember not to be too expressive, as that would not look modest. We have a better idea for your packaging innovations. Our shipping envelopes marked ‘USA Packing List Envelopes’ are creating impressions on the market with their sophistication and communicative pattern. Unlike others, we have been bold enough to show the U.S. flag on our packaging envelopes. On the right hand side corner at the bottom, we can find the name ‘United States of America’ printed and the left hand bottom corner displays the proud flag of the country.

USA Packing List Envelopes

If you want to convey that the parcels are intended to be sent within the United States, or are manufactured in the country, these USA packing list envelopes are a good pick. With these, you do not have to worry for additional approvals by the shipping companies as the USA Packing List Envelopes are approved by FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They are puncture resistant and protect the shipments from dirt, dust, and moisture. In addition, they are tamper resistant and waterproof making them a reliable choice for all kinds of shipping items. You just have to enclose a packing list inside the parcel to be packed and attach one ‘USA Packing List envelope’ to communicate that the parcel is intended for shipping within the US boundaries.

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