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Clear Packing Tape - 1.9 Mil - 3" x 110 Yards - 2160 Rolls = 90 Cases

• Clear/Transparent color.
• Premium adhesive/tensile strength.
• Smooth unwind quality and strongly seals to surfaces.
• Excellent for both industrial and residential purposes.
• Standard 3 inch core diameter—common size for most tape dispensers.
• Premium performance—resists breakage and seam splitting during application.
• Acrylic Tape—high performance longevity, ideal for cold storage applications.

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One of the most standards of standards regarding shipping and packaging, our Clear Packing Tape is designed to enable you success for your daily deliveries. In a climate where online shopping is central to the consumer world, everyday there is a new company or individual entering the market. In most cases, that’s not a bad thing but it heightens the “buyers beware” alert. Who doesn’t want more for less? With that understood, we at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com is your one stop vendor for superb quality 2” & 3” Clear Packing Tape. Our goal is to provide you with more adhesive strength so that your shipments are able to endure through the rugged transit procedures that are common amongst 3rd party carriers. Our aim is to provide you with more bang for your buck as we remain one of the top online distributors who are known for economical friendly pricing both for bulk options as well as small pack quantities. Our focus is to provide you with more options as we offer you a complete catalog of mil thickness sizes ranging from as low as 1.6 to as high as 2.5 mil. Thickness sizes. Our target is to aid you in expense reduction because our Clear Packing Tape will eliminate damages that can occur from weak adhesive qualities found in cheap tape. This is vital when it comes to business relations and sales account preservations because you don’t want to compromise current or potential profit gain opportunities. Our job is to be your reputable supplier, someone you can rely on even when your pressed against time and you need a rush order to your facility. Allow us to be your one stop source for premium Clear Packing Tape.


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