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Coreless Pre-Stretch -5" x 2000' x 32 Ga - 768 Rolls(64 Cases) = 1 Pallet

• Blown Film.
• Coreless technology.
• Environmentally safe.
• Pre-Stretch technology.
• Clear/Transparent color.
• One free plastic handle/case.
• Self-adhering & residue free when applied.
• Economical-unitizes multiple packages for shipments.
• Labor/performance efficient-applies faster and securer than twine.
• Safeguards packages from dust, dirt and moisture relating causes.

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Why look any further? When it comes to security, stability, and labor friendly qualities, our 3” & 5” Coreless Stretch Wrap engulfs these attributes that are resourceful for enhancing your packaging, storing, and delivery techniques. This stretch wrap comes with a free handle so that your bundling applications are effortless. Besides these important qualities, you will save tremendous money from a lack of stretch wrap wastage, labor inefficiency, and transportation costs. According to your judgment, you’ll also find our 3’’ & 5” Coreless Stretch Wrap to be as effective or even better as our stretch wrapfilm when it comes to bundling packages. Our 3’’ & 5” Coreless Stretch Wrap offers you a non-breakage quality which will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your wrapping applications. ShippingSuppliesByMail.com ensure customers that they’ll experience top notch product quality, swift order delivery and professional service so that you’re not hindered. Be sure to view our entire website so that you are aware of the perfect wrap for your tasks. We offer discounts regularly so be aware of our specials and make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter too! Such positive factors in which our 3’’ & 5” Coreless Stretch Wrap produces will inherently benefit companies as they reduce packaging and shipment expenses because they’re able to ship more product out in a swift and timely manner.


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