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Down Gauge Stretch Wrap - 5" x 1000' x 55 Ga - 1080 Rolls = 90 Cases

• Cast Film.
• Clear/Transparent color.
• One free plastic handle/case.
• Superior load holding strength.
• Economically advantageous—lower priced.
• Self-adhering & residue free when applied.
• Additional Plastic handles available per request--$5.00 each.
• Safeguards packages from dust, dirt and moisture relating causes.
• Economical-unitizes multiple packages for shipments, stock or storage.
• Superior stretch elongation—ideal for packaging irregular shaped items.
• Labor enhancing—rolls are featherweight which adds to packagingefficiency.
• Labor/performance efficient-applies faster and securer than twine, tape & strapping.

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Packaging your goods in Down Gauge Stretch Wrap is a great way to protect your items from any form of damage. It is ideal to use Down Gauge Stretch Wrap when packing furniture because there are no adhesive complications due to the fact that stretch wrap will cling to itself which keeps furniture safe. Down Gauge Stretch Wrap has gained major importance, especially for the packaging industry. Goods wrapped in stretch wrap ensure almost damage free delivery of products, whether they are eatables, display items or other kinds of materials this product is handy for store items or homemade goods that need to be transported. It has become absolutely necessary to wrap certain supplies, when talking of terms of long distance transportation. The products wrapped in Down Gauge Stretch Wrap are protected from dust, moisture and other contaminants. You can easily bundle items in various units and then wrap it to the main unit. Down Gauge Stretch Wrap seals, the lids to maintain freshness inside the container. Down Gauge Stretch Wrap is also an efficient way to prevent tampering. One can bundle theft prevention devices as well as get extra space for labeling too. ShippingSuppliesByMail.com is your ideal premier source for Down Gauge Stretch Wrap products. Our goal is to equip with the right gauge that will stabilize your packages during shipment and save you money. Whether you’re a single user who wraps smaller packages or you’re a purchaser for a company and you need a substantial amount at one time, we are your source for both bundling wrap and extended core style applications.


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