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First Aid Sprays

  • Application variety: alcohol, peroxide, anti-blood clotting spray, antiseptic spray.
  • Quantity range: 2-3-ounce spray bottles.
  • Economical, less mess.
  • Ideal for cleansing and preventative care.
  • Hygienic.
  • Fits most first aid cabinets.
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First Aid Sprays


When you’re in need of a minor injury antiseptic source that is ideal for minor injuries, then you should be well equipped with our First Aid Antiseptic Sprays. Our First Aid Sprays are a non-aerosol treatment spray that is much needed and necessary for resolving many of the common cuts, scrapes, stings and rashes that occur when individuals experience an accident of some sort. It has antiseptic formulas that are available in the desired form that one may choose. If you’re looking for peroxide, alcohol, anti-blood clotting or general antiseptic relief, our First Aid Sprays are the right source for your needs. These sprays are handy and well equipped to administer relief to a discomforted body part. The advantage that our First Aid Sprays offer is that they can fit in most first aid kits and offer a long-lasting shelf life so that users may be well ready to prevent further complications from arising out of their minor cut, scrap or wound. Blood clotting is a very serious problem that can occur if your wound is not treated properly.


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