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Howard Leight Airsoft

  • Quantity Range: 100 plugs/box.
  • Noise blocking barrier within the ear’s air pocket.
  • Firm stem/tapered shape with an easy insertion flow.
  • NRR 27 reusable version, available in cord or cordless version.
  • Four flange design which creates interlocking from its internal fins.
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Howard Leight Airsoft


Our Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs are reusable ear plugs that bring forth complete protection for your ears in noisy environments. The plugs are a four-flange designed ear plug that uses internal fins to create an interlocking, noise blocking barrier within the ear's air pocket. These are the Cadillac of ear plugs. The Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs have an NRR rating of 27 which is industry standard protection for you as an individual or you as an employer who cares for your workers wellbeing. They are available in both cord or cordless and is available in quantity size of 100 plugs per box. The interlocking internal fins of this ear plug are unique in its make and it offers a high performing protection for those who work in extremely noisy facilities.


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