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Max Lite Ear Plugs

  • Quantity Range: 100-200 plugs/box.
  • Low pressure, durable and pre-shaped.
  • NRR 30 version, available in cord or cordless version.
  • Non-allergenic, self-adjusting foam recovers to fit all ears.
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Max Lite Ear Plugs


Max Lite Ear Plugs are a low-pressure foam ear plug that offers a long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam ear plugs. Max lite ear plugs area non-irritating, self-adjusting foam that recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. The ear plugs are comfortable and ideal for users with smaller ear canals, not to mention they are also non-allergenic. Max lite ear plugs are available in both cord and cordless versions and they range in quantity from 100-200 plugs per box.The convenience these plugs brings to both warehouse facilities and individual users is that they are disposable. This characteristic is excellent because it compliments healthy hygiene habits while at the same time keeping workers safe from noise related health issues.

We at ShippiingSuppliesByMail.Com are your top source for quality earplugs. We pride ourselves on distributing high performing products at low cost while at the same time, delivering them to you in a timely manner. Our Max lite ear plugs are one of our more common versions of plugs and they are economical.


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