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  • Available in multiple brands such as Tylenol®, Aminofen, Apap, Back.
  • Various dosage, capacity and quantity measures choices available.
  • Various Specifications (depending on selected version): Non-Aspirin headache, menstrual, muscle and joint pain, fevers and cold symptoms.
  • Effectively treats mild to severe pain and fever.
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Acetaminophen is prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain and fever. If you are in pain such as headache, backache, cold/flu aches, tooth aches or menstrual periods, Acetaminophen is a quick-relieving medicine. It also helps reduce the fever symptoms. Although this medication does not mandatorily require a doctor’s prescription, it needs to be taken with necessary precautions or as directed by the physician.

We stock Acetaminophen tablets containing various compositions of its components and specific varieties that are intended to cure particular kinds of pains. For example, our Back Pain Off (Acetaminophen) are used to cure backaches, and we offer Cramp Tabs for treating pain due to muscle cramps. It is always recommended to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.


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