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Medical Bandage Scissors

  • Available in a multiple styles such as blunt scissors, lister bandage and EMT utility scissors.
  • Available in various measurement sizes (depending on selected version)
  • Various Specifications (depending on selected version): blunt version for dull related applications, stainless steel, all purpose, serrated non-slip cutting edge.
  • Handy tool for various usage.
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Medical Scissors


We offer a great selection of Medical Scissors; from blunt scissors, to lister bandage scissors, to EMT utility scissors. Our blunt Medical Scissors are more often used for cutting various medical materials like sutures, tubing, or gauze. This product is straight with smooth, blunt/blunt tips and a length of 4-1/2 inches. Known for being a versatile surgical instrument, these scissors offer varying curvatures and multiple lengths and they are basically used for general and multipurpose minor cutting purposes.

Lister bandage Medical Scissors are unique scissors that are designed for the cross ways cutting of medical bandages that are in place anywhere on a patient’s body. These blades are formed at a 45° angle at the pivot so that they can be inserted under the bandage safely and leave the finger insertions of the cutting hand clear of the patient for accurate and safe cutting. The lower blade has a rounded edge like blunt end to facilitate entry under the bandage without catching the blade or potentially injuring the patient plus they are 4 ½ inches long.

EMT utility Medical Scissors are made for your toughest of tough cuts, are ideal for paramedics, medical offices, nurses and both residential and commercial facilities. When an injured person who’s suffering from a cut beneath their clothing needs immediate attention, these are the correct Medical Scissors to use because they will cut through practically any material.


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