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Co-Flex® Bandage Wrap

  • Size Ranges: 1”-4” width x 5-yard length.
  • Quantity Range: 1-2 rolls/package.
  • Self-adhesive, no clips.
  • Lightweight.
  • Maintains compression without negating circulation.
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Co-Flex® Bandage


The Co-flex Bandage Wrap is helpful in the healing process of minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions. If you are a medical facility, a nurse’s office, a sports trainer or a patient, this product is right for you. It’s good to be well equipped with these products, especially if you’re going hiking, camping, fishing, climbing or hunting, because minor accidentshappen, and you want to be well equipped with a product such as Co-flex Bandage Wrap. Able to maintain compression without negating blood flow circulation, our Co-flex Bandage Wrap helps to manage wounds in a way that produces fast relief and speeds up the healing process.


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