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Conforming Stretch Gauze (Sterile)

  • Size Ranges: 2”-4” inch width x 4.1-yard length.
  • Quantity Range: 1 roll/package.
  • Excellent conformity and secured grip.
  • Open weave design which allows primary fluid dressing to be easily absorbed.
  • Sterile - reinforces safety against infection.
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Conforming Stretch Gauze (Sterile)


Our Conforming Stretch Gauze will easily mold to the body to give you lasting support and protection during strains and minor wound associated ailments. This gauze is good for your hard to reach areas because it easily conforms to the body. Due to its open weave design,Conforming Stretch Gauze allows fluids to pass successfully from the primary dressing so that they’re easily absorbed, it prevents any harmful bacteria or contamination from attracting to bystanders. Another plus is that it’s latex free so those who suffer with allergies related to latex are safe to use this product and don’t have to worry about any further complications. The gauze comes packed in 12 rolls per box and is at the correct width and length levels to be used effectively for multiple users and multiple times.


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