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Disposable/Digital Thermometers

  • Features Disposable/Digital Thermometers.
  • Quantity Range: 100 thermometers/box. or 1 Each.
  • Accurate, easy to read, prevents cross infection.
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Disposable/Digital Thermometers


Our Disposable/Digital Thermometers are an easy to readsource for determining body temperature. Disposable/Digital Thermometers are a prime resource for all first aid kits, home usage, medical cabinets, first aid offices and first aid room supply so that your residence and facility is well-equipped to aid the sick in their feverish conditions. Those suffering from a fever could possibly be facing a significant illness and without the discovery of the body temperature, it could potentially lead to detrimental factors if not cared for.

These thermometers are equipped for single-use and ideal for oral and axillary functions. They are accurate, easy to read and prevent cross infection.


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