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Disposable Emergency Blankets & Covers

  • Available in an assortment of blanket/bedding equipment such as yellow disposable blanket, thermal aluminized rescue blanket, disposable pillow case and disposable stretcher cot sheet.
  • Available in various size capacity measures (depending on selected version)
  • Quantity Range: 1 unit/package.
  • Designed to bring coverage and warmth during emergency situations.
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Disposable Rescue Blanket | Bedding Blankets


The Disposable Rescue Bedding Blanket is equipped to bring forth warmth and covering during emergency situations. Whether the emergency is in cold or hot weather, our Bedding Blankets are an economical source to insulate the body and retain body heat or protection from sun. Water resistant, warm, absorbent, soft, and generally in yellow and grey colors, our Blankets-Bedding products is a simple to use disposable blanket that works effectively. Our Blankets-Bedding products are ideal for first aid kits, medical cabinets and emergency response products too. Thermal Aluminized, our Blankets-Bedding is known to be used specifically as a Rescue Blanket.

Available in various size ranges such as 54" x 80” and 84” x 52” these blankets will open wide and long. Small, lightweight, ready to use in an emergency, this product allows you to be equipped in a well-rounded manner to meet the needs whether they occur at a sporting event, camp site or roadside situation.


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