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Elastic Bandage Wrap

  • Size Ranges: 2”-6” width x 4.5-yard length.
  • Quantity Range: 1 roll/package.
  • Offers a higher sustainability of extended compression and it’s ideal for sports related injuries.
  • Polyester knit/Latex free.
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Elastic Bandage Wrap


Our Elastic Bandage Wraps are excellent for supporting minor injuries.Latex free and most notable for usage involving sports injuries and work-related accidents, this wrap offers a controlled pressure application which is needed for distributing high compression to injuries. The polyester knit texture also maintains well during cold/heat therapy too so that users experience the relief they need. One of the attributes that makes this product successful is its elasticity.Although there are many kinds of bandage wraps available and useful on the market, Elastic Bandage Wraps are not limited to a specific application, they are versatile. The elastic factor available in our Elastic Bandage Wrap products, makes this care source able to be effective in all areas of the body.


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