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Eye Drops

  • Relieves dryness, irritation from dust particles, smoke, smog etc.
  • Various sizes: 0.4 mil single use container, ½ fl oz bottle.
  • Great for work or at home use.
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Eye Drops


Able to relive your eyes from dryness, irritation from dust particles, smoke and smog, our Eye Drops products are a suitable source for your first aid medical needs. It’s always a good idea to have Eye Drops available handy, because allergies always come unannounced and immediate relief is what we all desire. Fast and immediate our Eye Drops products work to cleanse your eye and give you the satisfaction that you most surely desire.

You may work in foundry or industrial factories where various fumes and smoke inhalation is evident, and although you may equip yourself with dust masks or respirators for your breathing it’s imperative to have Eye Drops products on hand because you may find yourself rubbing your eyes because the irritation is so bad. Eye Drops products will relieve you from possibly injuring your eye sight when you’re faced with discomfort.


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