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Eye Magnet with Loop

  • Knurled handle edges for firm grip.
  • Removes both – metallic & non-metallic foreign substances from the eye.
  • Equipped with magnet on one end & nylon loop on the other end.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
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Eye Magnet with Loop


Our Eye Magnet with Loop is an equipment designed for cleaning contaminants or debris that accidently get into our eyes. Any foreign material entering the eyes may cause redness, irritation, pain or severe itching and, so they need to be removed quickly and safely. The Eye Magnet is especially designed with a powerful magnet at one end that effectively removes metallic particles while there is a nylon loop on the other end that safely removes non-metallic particles. The knurled edges ensure a sure grip so that the equipment doesn’t slip away while in the eye.


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