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Foam Splint

  • Measures: 4-1/4’’ x 36’’.
  • Water proof foam.
  • X-ray translucent and reusable.
  • Can be bent or folded to use on just about any body part.
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Foam Splint


To recover at a rapid pace regarding those joint injuries to your fingers and other jointed areas, the Foam Splint is a great mechanism to speed up the recovery process. Issuing a Foam Splint to a wounded area will help in those emergency situations, aid a damaged finger, leg or arm by immobilizing it so that further injury is voided.

Simple to use and easy to apply, the Foam Splint product is ideal for your first aid kits, medical cabinets and nursing offices, whether residential or commercial. The Foam Splint offers high value for treating your minor joint injuries just like any other minor medicinal aid.


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