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Non-Adherent Pads with Adhesive Strips

  • Size Ranges: 2-3-inch width x 3-4-inch length sizes.
  • 100 pads/box.
  • Double support, sick-free and ideal for punctures and lacerations.
  • Sterile.
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Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips


Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips are a protective method for not only securing the injured, but also those in which they meet daily. From family members to co-workers to those amongst the public, this Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips are effective in that they secure pathogens and infection from potentially spreading.

Such a harmful incident can only heighten where there is faulty wound dressing applied to an open wound; however Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips assures complete protection and the healing agent one needs to safeguard themselves from any potential bacteria or infection. If you’re in search of a remedy for treating your punctures, bruises, and lacerations, try our Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips pads. This product will allow your wound to properly drain and it performs well with our bandage wraps to produce the protection you need for fast recovery. Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips is available in size ranges of 2-3-inch width x 3-4-inch length and they are packed 100 pads/box.

Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips provides double support, stick-free solutions and they are ideal for securing punctures and lacerations so that one may experience a swift relief. Another factor about Non-Adherent with Adhesive Strips is that they are sterile which is good for warding off potential forms of wound contamination. Our Non-adherent wound dressing is specifically equipped to not annoyingly stick to the dried secretions of a wound. These dressings help fully reduce ailments to recently formed skin and can be placed exactly on the wound site. This product offers a specific type of foam dressing and is available in different sizes and quantities. Made of great absorbent cotton and bonded on both sides, this product will not interrupt the healing tissue by attaching to the wound in an uncomfortable manner.


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