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Peroxide Products

  • Application variety: spray and pour bottle.
  • Quantity range: 8-16-ounce bottles.
  • Irrigates and cleanses wounds.
  • U.S.P. 3% level.
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Peroxide Products


Useful for all sorts of reasons, our Peroxide Products are apt to perform at a high level anytime and for practically any reason you need. Peroxide Products is a proven source of irrigation and cleansing for your minor wounds and cuts. Many prefer Peroxide Products over alcohol products because when applying, users don’t experience that burning sensation which can at times be very uncomfortable. We offer our Peroxide Products in both spray and pour bottles that range in sizes of 8 and 16-ounce bottle sizes. Our goal is to offer products at a low cost and deliver them quickly to our customers so that they are equipped and satisfied. Our Peroxide Products are not only good for usage on minor cuts and scars, but they are also an excellent source of healing on insect stings and burns. This product prevents further complications from arising and treats various minor injuries fast and effectively. Of course,these products are available at an economical price rate so that if you’re a vendor or individual you can purchase this product confidently and aggressively.


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