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Reusable Gel Packs - Cold or Hot

  • Size Ranges: 4 1/2 - 6-inch width x 7 -8 1/4- inch length (depending on selected version)
  • Sold per package, 1
  • Accommodates minor muscular and joint aches.
  • Packs are designed for both hot and cold usage.
  • Product stays flexible during use.
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Reusable Gel Packs - Cold or Hot


Reusable Gel Packs - Cold or Hot products are a reusable jell filled option that provides flexibility and accommodates muscle, spasms, joint stiffness, and soreness. This gel packincreases blood circulation which ignites nutrients to heal your injured area. Air tight packaging - you’ll be secure from leakage plus this product is easy to travel with.

Reusable Gel Packs are one of those one stop solutions in and of its own, preventing you from having to buy both cold and hot therapy. Great for corporations, athletic teams or medical offices. To compliment this product, we also offer topical pain relief and non- prescription pharmaceutical too!


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