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  • Size Ranges: 3/4-1-inch width x 30 yds length (depending on selected version)
  • 12-16 rolls/package (depending on selected version)
  • Prevents bruises, skin burns and protects against abrasive surfaces
  • Improves grip and allows skin to breath
  • Self-adheres
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SAF-T-TAPE is the type of fingertip relief agent that also protects hands from burns. You may work in a machine operating industry where products come of the press a little too hot to tightly grip because of the potential burn factor it poses. SAF-T-TAPE is the type of finger protection that eases the load and even enhances safety and product handling measures more satisfactory so that products aren’t dropped, or workers are not injured from a falling part.

SAF-T-TAPE works quite similar in function to adhesive tape, except that it doesn’t stick to your skin but only to the tape itself! SAF-T-TAPE Prevents bruises and skin burns Protects against abrasive surfaces Lessens harmful effects of friction. Improves grip on tools. SAF-T-TAPE allows the skin to breathe too. This product replaces bulky gloves offers quality skin protection for just about any Industry. You can be assured that this tape sticks to itself – not to the skin. You also will not experience a No loss of finger sensitivity. This product ranges in size from 3/4-1-inch width x 30-inch length.


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