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Spill Clean-Up/Disinfectants

  • Available in a multiple applications such as wipes, trigger spray bottles, packets and shaker bottles.
  • Available in various capacity and quantity measures (depending on selected version)
  • Kills fungus, mildew/mold and bacteria. Neutralizes odors and prevents cross contamination.
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Spill Clean-Up/Disinfectants


Spill Clean Up & Disinfectant products are extremely useful for destroying germs, sanitizing and are perfect forfirst aid kits. Our Spill Clean Up products are available in multiple forms such as germicidal wipes, solution spray bottles, and clean up packages. To avoid contamination from used adhesive bandages, or accidental spills from biohazard waste liner bags, it’s vital to be equipped with some type of Spill Clean Up product so that your area is sanitized and equipped to prevent any harmful bacteria from infecting those who live or work closely in such areas.

Our germicidal wipes disinfect, clean and deodorize. Our product, SaniZide Plus, is a quaternary ammonium compound formulation for use as a broad-spectrum disinfectant deodorizer on environmental surfaces. This product kills viricidal tuberculocidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal. It controls mold/mildew neutralizes odors and freshens and in one step helps prevent cross contamination. Bleach-free & alcohol-free and enterococcus it’s intermediate resistant to staphylococcus aureus (VISA) and mycobacterium bovis BCG (tuberculosis).


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