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Sweatbands & Bandanas

  • Available in multiple styles such as cooling pack bandana and sweatband sponges.
  • Various Specifications (depending on selected version): cellulose sponge and cooling crystals.
  • Ideal for providing relief from heat stress, fatigue, indoor and outdoor conditions.
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Sweatbands & Bandanas


Simple to use, convenient, and satisfying, our Sweatbands & Bandanas products are ideal for delivering ease to muscle soreness and cramping when it occurs. Whether you choose our Miracool® bandana, that provides cooling sensations to your pulse points, or our sweatbands which are a super-absorbent soft comfortable fit, or the relief tablets which are easy to manage and provide immediate aid, you’ll be satisfied and able to maintain through those strenuous duties.

Our Sweatbands & Bandanas products are ideal for workers who labor indoors or out. Cooling crystals encased within the Mira Cool products can absorb up to 1000 times their weight in cool, refreshing water; stays hydrated for several days, works without freezing or ice and are reusable thousands of times. The bandana works with the evaporation process to continuously release cooling sensations which pass to pulse points and are carried throughout your body. There are so many advantages to using our Sweatbands & Bandanas because they offer the continual relief that one needs after or during a strenuous work day.


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