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Tennis Elbow Wrap

  • Vinyl Tennis Elbow Wrap.
  • Brown padded leatherette-vinyl lined with nylon tricot.
  • Universal, fits 7"-15" forearm, 2" Width.
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Tennis Elbow Wrap


Easy to sprain, easy to dislocate, easy to scrap and easy to bruise - our elbow area is an area that takes on a lot of unrelenting pain because of the way in which we use this it. In the sports world where physicality is important, and the movement of joints, bones and muscles are constant, you need the type of support that will manufacture comfort on a consistent basis so that you are able to remain effective and productive in your position. The Tennis Elbow Support is a top-notch product that provides continual protection.

The Tennis Elbow Support product is made up of brown padded leatherette material which makes it quite durable for a long useful period. It is made from vinyl and lined with nylon tricot to add substantial flexibility to an area on the body this in constant movement. This product offers a universal fit and is applicable to increase the motion, protect from falls and enhance performance for all arm sizes. The Tennis Elbow Support product is available in a tan color and it offers a slim and non-bulky fit so that if you need to wear a shirt over your arm your able to do so without disrupting the support product in any way.


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