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Trauma Dressing Products

  • Available in an assortment of versions such as combine sterile pads, sterile trauma pads, Dyna stopper pads.
  • Available in various quantity measures (depending on selected version)
  • Various Specifications (depending on selected version): extra absorbent for large wounds and infractions, stretchable all-in-one gauze non-adherent pad.
  • Applicable for emergency 1st responder teams.
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Trauma Dressing Products


For protection against large lacerations and abrasions, our Trauma Dressing Products will provide you sustainability and security to your injury. We offer many sizes when it comes to helping you choose the correct Trauma Dressing Products. An excellent emergency response product, this product maintains soft padding that will not stick or irritate wounds. Trauma dressings are also an ideal product for first aid room supplies equipment. These non-adherent pads are easy to apply, and they are available in various sizes that will help you safeguard those large sizes wounds. We offer multiple versions of Trauma Dressings such as our Combine Pad 5'' X 9'' Sterile - Absorbent Pad and our Trauma Dressing, 10" x 30" - Sterile pads which are both sterile unless the pouch is opened or damaged. They provide extra absorbent dressing for larger wounds, lacerations and abrasions, plus they cushion and protect wounds and they are also latex free.

Our Dyna Stopper Trauma dressing is a Trauma product that is an all-in-one bandage and trauma dressing. It has an extra bandage roll surrounded by stretchable gauze for additional applications as a pressure bandage. It can be used as an arm sling, it’s sterile and individually wrapped.


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