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Trauma Kit

  • Featured in traditional kit or bag formation.
  • Specializes in multiple accessories that meet ANSI standards.
  • Bags specifications: polyester with shoulder strap, divider loops, slots and luggage handle or cordura nylon with rigid bottom and outside pockets.
  • Kit contents are listed below under “Details”.
  • Kit contents are subject to change without notice.
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Trauma Kit


Having a well-stocked medical relief kit at home or in the workplace is essential for dealing with injuries. The Trauma Kit helps sick or injured people who need immediate medical attention. The kits are designed for emergency first responders and created to be easily adjustable, organized, and lightweight, our Medical Boxes/Trauma Bags are ideal for emergency medical accidents.

Equipped with common emergency response products like CPR mask/shields and personal protection items like examination gloves and infectious waste bags, this bag will provide adequate equipment to stabilize the injured until professional medical assistance arrives.

Kits Contains:

Medi-Wash eyewash 4oz (1 ea.)
Antiseptic towelettes -XL (20 ct.)
Medi-Wash eyewash, 16oz (1 ea.)
Alcohol prep pads (50 ct.)
BurnAid dressing 4-inch X 4-inch (1 ea.)
Tri-Cut adhesive tape, 5-yards (1 ea.)
7/8-inch X 3-inch Heavy weight woven strips (50 ct.)
2-inch X 3-inch Heavy weight woven patch (25 ct.)
4-inch X 4-inch Sterile gauze pads (10 ct.)
Bloodstopper compress 9-inch X 5-inch (1 ea.)
Co-Wrap bandage 3-inch (1 ea.)
Triangular bandage, non-sterile (1 ea.)
4-inch Stretch gauze roll, non-sterile (1 ea.)
2-inch stretch gauze roll, non-sterile (1 ea.)
Latex gloves (2 pr.), EMT utility scissors 7-inch (1 ea.)
Lister bandage scissors 5-1/2-inch (1 ea.)
Kit tweezers, stainless steel (1 ea.)

Ice pack small boxed (1 ea.), CPR mask (1 ea.)

Silver rescue blanket 52-inch X 84-inch (1 ea.)
ABD sterile pad 8-inch X 10-inch (2 ea.)
ABD sterile pad 5-inch X 9-inch (2 ea.)


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