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Triangular Bandage

  • Size Range: 40” width x 40” length x 56” height.
  • Quantity Range: 1 bandage/package.
  • Ideal for arm sling or splint binding applications.
  • Equipped with 2 safety pins.
  • 100% Cotton.
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Triangular Bandage


The versatile Triangular Bandage is one of our unique products because it can used as an arm sling or for binding splints together. 100% cotton, you’ll be pleased with this product because it’s very easy to use and its cost saving, allowing you to use cold and heat therapy products it as well. Our Triangular Bandage is an economically sound product that is easy to use and good to have in your medical kit or safety room. This bandage is made from 100% cotton and is equipped with two safety pins so that you can secure the dressing or sore area tightly. Apt for offering substantial compression to the wounded area, many have found our Triangular Bandage to be quite useful during their highly active work workouts in preparation for a sporting or recreational activity such as hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing and volleyball.


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