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Tweezers & Splinter Probes

  • Available in a multiple forms such as magnifier, slanted chrome plated and disposable blue plastic.
  • Available in various capacity and quantity measures (depending on selected version)
  • Useful for removing various particles such as wood, glass and metal splinters.
  • Economical.
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Tweezers & Splinter Probes


Excellent for removing wood, glass, or metal particles, our Tweezers & Splinter Probes are well needed during construction, mechanical, and industrial environments. Regarding Tweezers & Splinter Probes, we offer a full list of supplies and variable styles with this product. Nagging, pain increasing, and throbbing are all adjectives that can describe the painful experience of having a piece of wood, glass or metal jammed into your skin.


Tweezers & Splinter Probes are designed to relieve users of such consistent pain which if not handled immediately, can lead to further complications such as infection or.


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