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Waterproof Adhesive Tape

  • Size Ranges:1/2” -7/8” width to 5-yard length
  • 1 spool/order
  • Application variety: standard non-residual, tri-cut
  • Easy tear/no shredding/no scissors necessary
  • Superior waterproof protection
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Waterproof Adhesive Tape


Our Waterproof Adhesive Tapes are reliable to apply on wounds and thus find a compulsory space in every first aid kit. They prevent wounds from being infected by external foreign material. These can also be used for plumbing applications considering the obvious watery and slippery substances all over. Our waterproof tapes are available in a variety of sizes and quantity numbers so that you do not end up ordering less or more than what is required by you. These economical waterproof adhesive tapes are easy to tear and do not require a pair of scissors for the task, making them ready for immediate application without any external help. It is just a one-man job.


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