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  • NRR 28 version.
  • 100 pairs per box.
  • Extremely hygienic.
  • Cords packed within.
  • Reusable storage pack.
  • Compliance with ANSI S3. 19-1974 standards.
  • Easy insertion and removal with flexible stem.
  • Traditional design that exerts little pressure on the ear.
  • Moisture resistant, flame retardant and dermatologically safe.
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ShippiingSuppliesByMail.com stocks Push-Ins® Earplugs for use in industrial environments that expose workers to excessive noise. The 3M Push-Ins® are approved by dermatologists for safe use. They are made from Polyurethane and can be comfortably used in design & construction, heavy infrastructure, and industrial maintenance. They are ergonomically designed with soft and flexible foam to conform to the unique shape of any individual for effective noise reduction.

Push-Ins® Earplugs are used by workers serving in the metal repair, cleaning, drilling, chipping, furnace operations, welding, and many such jobs that involve sharp, unbearable noises.


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