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Sheer Strips

  • Size ranges: ¾” width to 3” length.
  • Quantities: 100/box-1500/case (depending on size range)
  • Sheer Bandages: ideal for blending with skin tone and strip technology.
  • Enhances wound breathability and rapid healing.
  • Highly absorbent and maceration preventative.
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Sheer Strips


The technology within the Sheer Strip bandage eliminates any maceration or left-over scars because of its high absorbent nature. Certain wounds are much deeper than others, because of the design quality of Sheer Strip bandages, users have the low-cost source that can cover the wound properly while allowing the necessary oxygen to flow through it. Being that oxygen is a key component in the healing stage, Sheer Strip bandages allow a higher amount to the wound area so that comfort and relief is found rapidly.


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