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Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves

• Ambidextrous.
• 100% Latex free.
• Beaded cuff design.
• Great value for money.
• Smooth and comfortable fit.
• Medical grade disposable gloves.

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Clear Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves are very useful in maintaining a dependable barrier against germs, blood-borne pathogens and other environmental contaminations. These are generally used by dentists, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals as they are easy to put on, disposable and help maintain the necessary hygiene in such critical environments.

Our medical grade vinyl powder-free gloves are less elastic than latex or nitrile and offer a more comfortable fit to the user. These are low cost solutions to applications that require more frequent glove changes. Made from Vinyl, they eliminate the chances of allergic reactions. The gloves enhance wearer’s comfort and productivity. They are ambidextrous, meaning they can be worn in any of the hands easily. The vinyl powder-free gloves are approved by FDA for all non-sterile medical procedures and are popularly used by lab technicians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biotech workers and even veterinary staff.


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